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 The bungalow ghost?!?

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The bungalow ghost?!? Empty
PostSubject: The bungalow ghost?!?   The bungalow ghost?!? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2007 12:40 pm

When I was a child about 11 my auntie used 2 babysit my mates sisters kids, ina little bungalow in highcliffe. we'd all heard storries told by my mates family about the things that go on there, like apparently the ghost was jealous of men, if there was any photos of my mates sister with a man in the house, during the night they'd all be turned around.

Well one night my auntie was baby sitting, me my mum and my mates dada went to pick her up one night, when we got there she still wasnt home so we waited inside (my mates dad waited outside in the car apparently because of this jealous ghost he always insisted on waiting in the car).

Anyway we waited in the bungalow, when we heard the little boy talking in the bedroom, aparently to himself, we looked in on him and he was sat up as if looking at something and talking, aparently so his mum used to say he'd often talk to this presence.

After that we watched a video, and the one that was in there was transformers, now back in these days video players were primitive, they play rewind fastforward and stopped lol. but 2 mins into watching it it stopped, rewinded and ejected itself, it did this 3 times, until we gave up and tried another video, the video that my auntie put on was casper the friendly ghost, this time it played with no hitches.

the final thing that happened on this night was while watching casper the cat was meowing from the kitchen, we were all sitting on the sofas but could see the kitchen door, the kitchen door was bolted at the top to stop her kids getting int the kitchen, but a few mins later the door openened on its own and the cat walked in.

aparently the history behind the bungalow was that the area there bungalow was and around there used to be farm land, and there was an accident with the farm boy, who'd been killed while working in the farm. aparently also they said that he was in love with the farmers daughter at the time, and this could explain the reason why hes jealous of men.

a few years later my mates sister moved out of the bungalow.
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The bungalow ghost?!?
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