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 It's not just me!

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It's not just me! Empty
PostSubject: It's not just me!   It's not just me! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2007 11:02 pm

The air was never still at home. At breakfast one morning, my sister asked who the old lady with white hair was. Our paternal grandfather had white hair at a young age, I inherited that, other than that our great-grandmother lived across the street, had a blue rinse and was in the last few months of her life. We never knew this at the time, but she rarely visited and never came upstairs. affraid
Mum asked what old lady, and my sister told of the lady she saw; climb the stairs, and go through the wall into the neighbours. Mum said she had been dreaming. True, she had been half asleep, but my sister was up and going down stairs to go to the toilet. She may have been almost 4, but when she needed the toilet, she went. I don't recall the description of the woman. From a 4 year old it will have been pretty vague, and it would have only been a limited vision in the first place. We never had reason to doubt her then or now. I had heard her leave the bedroom, and was never sure in that house of what I could hear, or feel happening.

Fair's fair, share the scare. You can find ghosts anywhere!
A soul is a precious thing. If there was nothing after this life, that would be an awful waste of souls wouldn't it?
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It's not just me!
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