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 Pillow fight!

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Pillow fight! Empty
PostSubject: Pillow fight!   Pillow fight! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 3:44 pm

My first up close experience with the dreaded linen closet at the top of the stairs whose door would never stay shut! We children stayed away from that closet and considered it out of bounds when we played hide and seek. pale
Mum asked me to get some towels down from the closet for our bath night, and after an initial protest, I apprehensively swung open the already ajar door. Nothing wrong with the latch, just never stayed shut. Standing in front of the shelving, I felt a foreboding, but saw and heard nothing. There were blankets and curtains on the floor of the giant cupboard. More blankets and sheets on the first shelf. Towels and tea clothes on the next shelf. Odd clothing items and coats on the next. Pillows on the next shelf, and odd net curtains and material on the top shelf. It had double doors but one was firmly bolted top and bottom, and was scarcely used. I only remember it being opened on few occasions, like when we moved in or mum did some re-organising.
I reached up to the second shelf and pulled down four towels. As I backed away to close the door I was knocked down by not one, but two feather pillows. I remember the "swish" sound they made as they came off the shelf. These were quite weighty and put me on my backside. Shocked, I ran downstairs with the towels clutched tightly, and told mum what had happened. She gave me a clip for being clumsy. affraid
Now the pillows were two shelves up from the towels, so how did I dislodge them? I was beginning to realise that some things I were going to be keeping to myself! I also received a clip for not putting the pillows back. Not that I could have reached that shelf in the first place! What a Face

Fair's fair, share the scare. You can find ghosts anywhere!
A soul is a precious thing. If there was nothing after this life, that would be an awful waste of souls wouldn't it?
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Pillow fight!
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