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 What elevator? lol

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What elevator? lol Empty
PostSubject: What elevator? lol   What elevator? lol Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2007 11:43 pm

Same house, different year!
There were several things that happened to my family in this house, and most of them occured up until I was around 10 and a half. Had a few incidents after then, but not many. I am not being chronological about this at all.
I can tell you when it was exactly. it was 00:45 on the 25th December 1971. Dad wasn't around then, spending time away at Her Majesty's Pleasure. My younger siblings were tucked up in bed, and I was assisting Mum with the Christmas day arrangements. It was my first Xmas leave from the army, I was a Junior Soldier then. Sleep
We had a late supper and I quietly trotted up the stairs to my parents room to bring down the box of gifts to set out under the tree. As I bent down into the wardrobe to retrieve the box, the door I had just opened swung back on me, and I felt a familiar prickling sensation, and the hair on the back of my neck started to rise. The door of the wardrobe when opened, always swings away because the piece of furniture was slightly tilted forward. santa
Taking a breath, I stood upright and stepped back towards the bed into a cold spot. It was like walking into the garden on a cold winters night, instead of being indoors. I felt I was being watched from the bed, as if someone was sitting there. Fighting off initial fear, I steeled myself and calmly walked out of my parents room to the top of the stairs, trembling. When I got to the first step, I breathed a quiet sigh of relief - I didn't want to wake anybody - and put my foot out to take that first step. When my foot touched down, I was at the bottom of the stairs with my foot firmly planted on the hall carpet. A sudden cold rush from my back, past me, and to the front door. I gasped, and trembling continued to the lounge. Mum had to take the box from me as I was gripping the corners so tightly I was afraid to let go. That I think, was the most physical experience I ever had. pale
Mum said "In my room?" I said "Yes, he's early!" What a Face

Fair's fair, share the scare. You can find ghosts anywhere!
A soul is a precious thing. If there was nothing after this life, that would be an awful waste of souls wouldn't it?
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What elevator? lol
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