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 Missing keys

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PostSubject: Missing keys   Missing keys Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2007 11:37 pm

come on people! don't be shy!

A lot happened to us in one house, and I am going to be hogging the board at this rate! lol Sleep

We moved in to this property in 1963 - ish. It may have been 1964. I was 7/8. It was a bit of a blur when we moved in. Mum and dad had separated in 1962. Grandad died (Dad's side) in 1963. The house where we lived with my paternal grandparents was sold from under us, so we moved to St Denys. Nan moved into a flat on her own. We had 2 reception rooms, the front room was kept locked for when mum and dad entertained. we ate and relaxed in the back room.
A few months later, our mum's new partner came to stay with us. He had the habit of putting his personal items on the highly polished sideboard in the front room where these were safe under lock and key. Included was his car keys. 5am every morning, we would hear him moving around the house, opening and closing doors, before the front door went, and we heard him leave through the gate, car door slam, car engine start, then drive away.
This particular morning we were startled by slamming of doors, swearing, and this man bursting into our bedroom (my brother and I) demanding to know what we did with his car keys. We were unsettled by this onslaught, and mum was quick to intervene. One of us, or our sister must have moved his keys. through a locked door? Our mother suggested that maybe he had left them somewhere else, or he had in fact dropped them. Giving him that doubt, he said nothing more, and with the aid of a screwdriver, left for work.
A couple of days later, being a saturday, he had the car door lock and igniton replaced. Sunday morning he went into the front room, after unlocking it, to sit and quietly enjoy a pipe and read the newspaper. The original car keys were sat next to his tobacco pouch on the highly polished sideboard..... What a Face

Fair's fair, share the scare. You can find ghosts anywhere!
A soul is a precious thing. If there was nothing after this life, that would be an awful waste of souls wouldn't it?
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Missing keys
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