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PostSubject: cheltnam   cheltnam Icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2007 12:45 pm

This is probably the most scary experience i have had and will ever have, I am desperate to return to the location because it's been so long i want to check it out again. i wen t there about 6 years ago but couldn't find the hill. anyway I have copied and pasted this story from my own site as it's too long to re-type ...Enjoy...


When I was 12 years old my Auntie and her BF were telling ghost storries when her Bf told me of a supposedly true story of when he used to live in Cheltnam, after he had finished my auntie and her BF said about going there for the weekend, so we did.......this decision led to a serious of strange happenings......

We left for Cheltnam early on the saturday, me, my auntie, her BF and our dog sooty, after the long journey there we stopped of at the back of cheltnam race course for something to eat, and to let the dog out for a walk, and to do his buisness, my aunties BF took the dog into some trees to the side of the car park while me and my auntie looked over at the race course and ate, they had been gone a few mins when we had a look around the place where we were, me and my auntie both looked over to a garden behind a house, the garden was fenced of with a high metal fence, in the garden were two horses, this didnt surprise us as we were so close to the race course, but what did surprise us is that without knowing it we'd both gone to take a picture of the horses but they had gone, we had not moved from the spot we were in and had looked away for less than a split second, me 2 get the camera from my pocket and my auntie 2 get heres from where-ever she had her camera, we both ran to tell Matt, her BF what we had just seen but he laughed and refused to believe us.

ok now the whole reason of going to cheltnam was because as I said of this tale matt had told us...the part I'm not to sure I believe now is the fact that we were going to see a warewolf, back then I believed him but now I'm not too sure if I believe in warewolves as such, but warewolf or not something happened to us that night .......

After the incident at the racecourse we spend the rest of the day in cheltnam befor going to an old friend of Matt's we spent a few hours there he got talking to his mate about the reason we were there, I remember his mate telling Matt he was mad to go up there.

After leaving his mates house we went to the pub, I had a coke and my auntie and matt had a drink each, then when it reached 10pm Matt said it was time to go, we drove awhile befor starting to go up a dark hill....and ok I must admit I was scared at this point, the reality of what we were doing was kicking in, the lane was dark and I kept saying I wanted to go home. When we got to the top of the hill I remember there were trees all around me, to both sides, we got to what I believe was the top of the hill where there was a gate to the right, it was a field and the gate was open so Matt drove in, to the right of us there was a mound I'm guessing it was what the farmer had put there ready to burn, we parked faceing the gate looking out to trees that were a little way of to the right of us lining the edge of the field. We waited about 15 mins but nothing seemed to be happening, after 5 more mins Matt said nothings there, he started the car and pulled out of the field and back onto the lane, with the field we had come from to the right of us, he parked on the edge of the road and turned the engine of again, a few mins later he un-wound his window and said there's something there, he asked if we could see it, I was so scared I said I could and said lets go, in honesty I saw nothing, I just wanted to get out of there. he called sooty the dog who was sat in the back with me and he got sooty on his lap, but as soon as the dog looked out the window he started whining and barking, wriggling, desperate to get away, when matt let go off him he jumped into the back and got between the seats as low as he could go and all the while he was still whining. Matt then said it's circling the car, I was screaming to go, matt looked out the window and said the words 'yo bro' then he looked up and sais 'oh my God' with fear in his voice, he started the engine and put his foot down, but we couldnt go more than a few miles an hour, Matt said its holding the car then he look his hands of the steering wheel and it 'seemed' to be moving on its own steering us down the lane, i saw him pumping the pedal but nothing was happening we werent gaining speed, then both the front doors of the car swung open, Matt and April (My auntie) both grabbed the doors and slammed them shut. I glanced behind us and just saw a dark lane, to the right was a HUGE hill leading down looking over cheltnam, I remember thinking how easilly if something has got control of the car, it could throw us down that hill. half way down we saw car headlights coming towards us and the car seemed to be under Matts control again, but as soon as it passed we slowed again to walking speed, this continued untill we reached the junction at the bottom of the hill, where we turned of and got out of cheltnam we stayed in the service station at cirencester for that night and headed back to bournemouth the next morning. On the way back to Bournemouth Matt told us what he saw when he looked up, he said he saw his face with red eyes, an open mouth, large teeth and blood coming from his mouth.

Now as crazy as this story sound , yes I know it sounds crazy I've gone over it so many times, and I like to be 100% certain about everything befor I say that was paranormal, and when I look over everything that happened that night everything COULD have a logical explantaion, starting of with the fact that I was allready full of fear, so my imagination would've been running wild....but lets just say the whole story was made up to me, Matt and april had come up with a cunning plan to scare the living daylights out of me (which worked), faceing facts I actually saw nothing on that hill, and I heard nothing, all I saw was the car wheel turning seemingly on its own (bumps in road or matts knees, it was dark). Matt pressing on the accelerator but nothing happening ( it could have been the clutch, I couldnt drive back then, I didnt know which was which) The doors opening on there own, (Matt and April could've pre arranged to do that. and the car not doing over a few mps, he couldve been rolling down the hill , not hard to do, but over all the things that happened that night there was 1 thing that I just couldnt explain, when that dog looked out the window he was scared, genuinly scared, he whined, barcked and growled, he did everything to get away and he hid between the seats untill we were safely of that hill, That one thing that make me truely believe that warewolf or not, something wierd happened hat night.

Many years later , about 4 years ago I went looking for that hill again, but I cant remember where it was, what its called or anything, so after 5 hrs of driving endlessly round chelntam we left dis-heartened.

It wasnt untill a few years later we got talking to someone who comes from cheltnam and still lives there, My bf was telling him that I'd had a wierd experience in cheltnam, he didnt say what it was or where but his mate looked up and said 'oh i know that hill, theres been many strange storries from there' he told my bf the name of the hill but my bf cant remember what it was. he will phone them and i'll put it in here. so one day soon im gonna go back there again.
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